Hey folks! I just back back from my honeymoon in Brazil and wanted to post a quick entry about what I saw. Technically, I’m still on my honeymoon and am not suppose to be blogging, however, I managed to get a 10 minute window before we walk down to Starbucks for a coffee.

When we first landed in Rio I saw a ton of VW busses and thought all of them were old. But, I quickly realized that these things had to still be in production in Brazil since I saw newer rust free busses moving about.


On our way to Paraty, I saw a VW dealer with a 2007 bus for sale, I later found out it’s called a Kombi in Brazil. The biggest change I see from a 2006 (first picture) to 2007 is that on the 2007, the front now has a black grill, which I assume is an air intake or radiator to cool the engine.

I have five minutes to finish this post… if you have a moment, check out the VW Brazil website (http://www.vw.com.br/default.asp) and check out the Kombi 360 interior and exterior shots. It’s pretty weird to see a car that looks close to the original 1950 design in the year 2007. Ok, my time is up… don’t want to get the wife upset… man that sounds weird! I will be back in full blogging mode when I officially return from honeymoon on Monday.