Last night I installed the Windows Live Search for Mobile BETA (enter from your Smartphone or J2ME device to install client) on my HTC Wizard (8125) and today on my way to get an oil change I decided to test out its usability. The steps are very simple…

1) Enter the business name and the location near you.
main screen with search

2) Results display quickly. Select business.
search results

3) The next screen gives you the option to call, get directions To or From the location, as well as search the nearby area. I chose “Directions To Here”.


4) Start location and end location are prepopulated (I haven’t tested a GPS unit with this yet, but I expect it to prepopulate the start with the current GPS data).

drive to

5) Route Summary (with live updates if GPS is available)


6) And now for my favorite feature! Map with REAL-TIME traffic status! WOW!

map with real time traffic

I’m also a big fan of the Categories search. If you feel like Greek food, it will list all the restaurants near your location. I’m very impressed with the speed and ease of use. Kudos to the team over at Microsoft that wrote this great piece of software. It blows away the Google Maps (J2ME) application I used before this.