AMD/ATI had the TV WONDER Digital Cable Tuner on display at CES. The OCUR device comes in an external version (pictured), about the size of a cable modem and an internal version for OEM use. Sony will be using the internal version in their XL3 MCE while Dell will be using the external. Both versions connect via USB 2.0. Reps from ATI/AMD said that the tuner will be shipping with Dell’s Home Media Suite — Foundation System starting Jan 30th (public release of Vista) and would be available also as a standalone upgrade as well. There was no mention that the box you connect the tuners to need to be CableLabs certified as reported previously, which means good news for us that build our own MCE’s (I’m hoping this is true). The TV WONDER Digital Cable Tuner is in productions right now but no firm pricing has been released yet. Rumors indicate they will be in the $250-$299 (each) range. Up to two tuners can be connected to a Vista MCE, so you can record and watch up to two channels at once. The tuner is uni-directional so onDemand content will not work.