craftsman_biometric.jpgTwo Craftsman posts in one week — you have to admit they are rebranding some pretty cool technologies lately. This time it’s a biometric remote garage door opener. Most people probably have the traditional keypad version of this opener, typically mounted outside to the right or left of the door jam. I’m not sure how useful or acurate this accessory will be but it is indeed cool. I would prefer my garage door opener to be smart enough to open when I’m present, automatically, without me having to run my finder over anything (RFID/Bluetooth/2.4ghz), guess that will be available sometime in 2010. For now, you can pick up this $99 accessory from Sears. It only works with Craftsman openers “featuring black button remotes” or any Chamberlin openers that use Security+ (the compatible Craftsman’s are rebranded Chamberlin’s). Check out the link below for more deets

Craftsman Craftsman EntryEase Fingerprint Keyless Entry Pad