For those of you using HAI’s Snap-Link, HAI just released an update which fixes a few cosmetic bugs as well as add a couple new features like external DSC security system and additional audio system support. To install this update, just click the “Check For Updates…” in the “Options” page.

Release notes:
Version 1.1.5 – June 20, 2007
– Fixed “fuzzy font” problem on text for new security features.
– Fixed extra “:” displayed on Audio Zone status page.
– Added conformation dialog when deleting a controller file.
– Fixed “index out of bounds” error when defining Alerts on a system with no named “Buttons”.
– Added support for externally connected DSC security systems on Lumina models. (Requires controller firmware version 2.15 or higher.)
– Added additional security status information for areas. Snap-Link now reports intermediate statuses like “Arming” and alarms. (Requires controller firmware version 2.8 or higher.)
– Added support for additional audio systems: NuVo Grand Concerto, NuVo Essentia, NuVo Simplese, Xantech, SpeakerCraft and Proficient. (Requires controller firmware version 2.15 or higher.)
– Note: Previously created user defined themes may not display the new audio pages properly. This is due to new theme properties added for the new audio pages. If you encounter a problem, recreate the user defined theme starting with one of the predefined themes. This will add the missing properties.
– Changed the new controller file creation process. You are no longer prompted for the controller model when creating a new file. The controller type is determined automatically when Snap-Link first connects to the controller. Also after a new file is created, the setup is automatically downloaded on the first connect whether or not the “Retrieve Setup On Connect” option is selected.