I remember hearing about this at CES, but it looks like Emtrace is almost ready to start shipping the WidgetStation (it was featured in this months Maxim with a $200 list price). My initial thought on the WidgetStation is that I wish it used Microsoft’s SideShow technology, but I don’t see it ever doing so since Emtrace is using a ARM9 processor running a Linux Kernel. I like how it has a 2.5″ Monochrome LCD on the left and a 2.5″ Color LCD display on the right. Unfortnately, the specs of the WidgetStation doesn’t list any of the screens as touchscreens, so to navigate I guess you’ll need to use the provided remote control or hardware buttons. No word if there will be a SDK so we can develop our own widgets — think custom home control UI. Be sure to check out their product website for more information about the WidgetStation.