I’ve been meaning to post about Lagotek since I found out about them at CES. I spoke with one of the founders (if I remember correctly) and had a great conversation about UI’s and automation control. I have seen many home automation controllers and pretty much all user interfaces suck — with exception, Lagotek. Their home automation interfaces are some of the best I have seen thus far! Their offices are located near me and I will probably be meeting with them soon to find out more details about their products — once I do, I’ll post it here.

From what I know so far (taken from Wikipedia):

– Lagotek developed a wireless home automation system that allows homeowners a complete control of lighting, temperature, entertainment, surveillance, security, irrigation and other home appliances in any room from any location of their home

– based on any number of touch-screen controllers, mounted into a standard 2-gang switch boxes of a new or a remodel home; these controllers communicate through Wi-Fi with Z-Wave power outlets, dimmers, switches and other devices; each controller acts as a server, enhancing the system’s reliability, while devices also act as repeaters, increasing the systems range to infinite

– Software running on top of Microsoft Windows CE system

Looks like a promising system, plus it was founded by ex-MSFT employees — which is a plus in my book.