UPDATE: Video review is up.

FedEx just dropped off a Nobu N8 In-wall touchscreen computer… on initial view, this little computer is very slick! The build quality feels and looks VERY GOOD. I will be doing a full video review of this unit so stay tuned!

Here at some quick specs:
– LV Intel Celeron M 1.0GHz Fanless Processor
– Intel 852GM + ICH4 Chipset
– 512MB – 1GB DDR Memory
– HD: 4Gig Industrial iCF (Compact Flash)
– Wi-Fi 54 g/b* ( * optional, shown with optional Wi-Fi antenna)
– 10/100 Mb Fast Ethernet port
– 2xCOM (2 x RS232, 1 x RS232/422/485)
– 1 PS/2 K/B +M
– Front panel 2W speakers and mic
– External Audio Line Out / Mic
– 3 x USB 2.0
– VGA out, Dualscreen CRT (15pin D-sub, max. resolution 2548×1536)
– Polyester laminate (ITO) finger touchscreen
– LCD Display (Widescreen 16×9) 800 x 480 with 60° viewing angle

I will be also testing my home control software on this unit… it’s running embedded XP, so I can’t wait to test out how stable it is.