You’ve experienced it before… tried to book a meeting and can’t find an open meeting space or see how long someone has the space for. That’s where the RoomWizard steps in. Each RoomWizard sign displays its room’s schedule: times, topics, meeting hosts, and more. You can even see when the next meeting will start so you can wrap yours up on time — eliminating the public humiliation and beatings from the next scheduled peeps.

The unit has bright red and green lights which signal a room’s availability from a distance – perfect for finding an impromptu meeting space or to avoid interrupting someone else’s meeting. The touch screen also makes it easy to claim an unoccupied space or to extend or delete your reservation on the spot. You can also access the RoomWizard directly since it runs an internal webserver and it can also sync with Outlook and Lotus Notes servers. Another nice feature is RoomWizard’s reporting function… it captures room occupancy and reservation patterns, providing valuable insight into the needs, and actual use, of shared spaces.

The specs:
• 6.4″ 640×480 LCD touchscreen
• 200 MHz processor w/ SDRAM controller and I/O companion
• Memory: 64 MB SODIMM RAM
• Hard Drive: 10 Gigabyte
• IEEE802.3 10 Base-T Ethernet via RJ45USB
• IrDA 1.1 compatible

I don’t have official retail pricing for the RoomWizard, but it costs over $2000 each unit.