Couple months ago I posted, “DIY: Checking You Home Drinking Water Quality“. A co-worker told me about EMF (Electromagnetic fields) radiation from electronics and power-lines and let me borrow his high-end Triaxial EMF Meter so I could test out my house for EMF radiation. My house checked out in safe ranges for EMF, however, I did notice high levels of EMF when streaming from my MacBook Pro via Airtunes. I’ve since stopped using this feature if I’m sitting directly in front of my MacBook Pro computer.

I don’t have any CRT based devices in my house anymore, which emit a high level of EMF when in use, however, our microwave, which we rarely use was the highest offender of EMF radiation! The meter would display O.L. which is higher than it can measure when it was running — and this was standing about 6 inches away from the microwave oven. Terrible! When the unit is off, the microwave still produces high levels of EMF do to the megaton (the device that turns electricity into microwaves). I highly suggest you purchase a
Portable Microwave Leakage Detector ($30) to check to see if your microwave is leaking harmful EMF radiation. If it does, get rid of it or limit its use. I’d also recommend you purchase a higher quality EMF meter to check your workplace and schools. Why expose your family and yourself to something you can often control? Be safe.

– Portable Microwave Leakage Detector