I’ve wanted to get back into R/C Planes for a while now and since I live across from a park I wanted to try out the new electric planes. I went to my local hobby shop (not many around anymore) and found a E-flite S.E.5a Slow Flyer 250 ARF. The kit is pretty much ready to go, you just need to glue a few things together and put your electronics in. I already have a Futaba 9 channel controller (T9CAP) so it wasn’t a big investment to get started again. I’m amazed at how advanced electronic planes have become! I’m used to the Nitro .40+ planes but these electrics are really nice… the motors, ESC, batteries, servos and receivers are tiny! The whole plane only weighs 8oz… I will be flying crashing it later today.

One thing I did find out getting into electrics is that all good Li-Poly battery chargers require a 12v DC power source and most of these power supplies, like the Hobbico, cost over $80 and that’s not including the charger… so in my next post I will show you how to make a 12v, 5A source for under $25.