Lots going on at the house this summer… landscaping is finally underway. When the house was being built I focused on all the interior automation but also ran as much cabling outside. I’m happy to report that I ran enough conduit under driveways and walkways and wire to satisfy all my needs. Landscape lighting and irrigation requires a lot of wiring especially if you want it to integrate nicely with your home automation system (HAI OmniPro II).

Because I don’t want another controller, I’m staying away from the standard sprinkler system controllers and going with the Rain8net by WGL Designs. This device interfaces your irrigation valves with your OmniPro II so you can easily control the irrigation system via programs. There is also an optional rain sensor that plugs into the Rain8 to keep you from looking like an idiot.

Best part is that is costs the same as a mid-high-end programable 8-zone sprinkler controller… about $100.

– KB: Intergrating Rain8 with HAI OmniPro II