Scratch “Pick a name for software” off the list. Myro is what I’m calling my home automation control interface. What does it mean? Well, it’s an open vessel, meaning it’s a made up name, like Tivo, Drobo or Roku — I can turn into anything.

In this case it’s a noun and describes a clean and simple home automation control interface that will hopefully become a household name 😉 I wanted something that is short and easy to say to someone — “Honey, can you arm Myro before you leave?”

The weird part is that I woke up with the name in my head. It stands for “My” “Ro”bot. Home Automation is a few short steps from artificial intelligence — still very primitive at the moment but soon software and hardware will be able to do more than close blinds and adjust your lighting and temperature. Hopefully, Myro will be there to help make it all easier to interact with.

The url to the main website is: (my:ro — home automation control, simplified!). The site only asks for your email address so I can notify the folks interested when I release the software and the real site. This is also the site where you will be able to see a demo video.