I just received the GoPro LCD BacPac for the HD Hero and thought I would post a quick and dirty video review of the unit. For the most part it’s exactly what I expected it to be. It adds very little to the thickness of the camera but adds quite a bit of functionality. I found it especially useful when you modify the camera settings. The screen allows you to frame your shots better and lets you monitor the battery life as well. I took my HD Hero to Hawaii and would have loved to be able to playback video of the surfs and our fun at the beach. Now it’s possible with the LCD BacPac since it also features a built in speaker. The screen is decent — we’re all very spoiled with the Retina display of the iPhone 4 — it’s no where near that quality but it does the job. Priced at $79, I feel it’s well worth it. I say, if you own a HD Hero, you must get the LCD BacPac… you must!

P.S. Just remember to update your firmware first.

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