I prefer to buy Made In U.S.A. products when I can and was surprised to find out that Probe Master makes their probes right here in America. While you can find multimeters still made in the U.S.A. (certain Fluke), the test probes are typically made in China.

I needed a pair of probes that had some accessories, in particular, a kit that allowed me to easily connect to headers. I noticed the 8044SK had what I needed so I ordered a set to add to my collection. The kit includes a pair of the 8000 series multimedia probes and a pair of sprung hooks, alligator clips, spade lugs, tip covers, 4″ extender tips, and wire wrap lead (.025″ socket/header). They also offer many different types of termination options, I chose the “Retractable Banana Plug” type.

Overall, I extremely happy with them. The gold plated tips are extremely sharp and the lead quality is superb with nice silicon coating and thick 48″ 18 GA cables. The really standout feature is the thread that is used to attach securely the accessory tips — really nice! The probes are rated CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A. The whole kit with included blue plastic case costs $49.90 (they even threw in a free plastic probe holder).

Be sure to watch the video below for a full comparison between the Probe Master probes and the probes that came with my Agilent 34441A 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeter as well as some nice small probes by Fluke, the TL-910’s.

Probes Available From:

Probe Master 8044SK

– Amazon: Fluke TL-910

– Amazon: Agilent 34138

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