After updating to iOS 7.1.1. my iPhone 5 battery seems to be draining within a day.  It starts at 100% in the morning and by the next day it’s completely drained.   Apparently others report having this same issue at Apple Support Communities (here, here, and here) but nothing yet from Apple.

Anyone else experiencing this issue after updating?  I’ve tried the following fixes but still not improving…

Here are some tips I tried on how to save some battery power in iOS 7.1 (via ThinkDigit) but not making much difference:

-Only turn Bluetooth on when necessary

-Turn off background app refresh: 

Your device will automatically keep unused apps open periodically, which drains battery. To turn it off, go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh. From here, you can also choose which you would like to keep on for background data updates.

-Turn off ‘AirDrop’ in settings

-Pay attention to individual apps you may not need that drain battery power when used

-Turn off Push Mail, at least for some accounts if possible

-Close your apps after you’re done using them!

-Try a restart periodically

I’ve even turned off a bunch of settings in, Setttings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.  Like Location-Based Ads, Popular Near Me and Frequent Locations and it’s still sucking my battery dry.

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