(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 240mm quadcopter)

We’re almost done with all the parts needed to build my FPV — just a few more before we start building the quad.  I ordered the Fat Shark Dominator V2 Goggles that will be used to fly the FPV.   The video from the FPV camera will be wirelessly sent from the transmitter with OSD telemetry data superimposed to these goggles.  Can’t wait to experience it!


The neat thing about these goggles is that it has a built in DVR (digital video recorder) so you can record what you are seeing.  This is useful if you crash and need to locate your quad and also useful when reviewing the video footage from the HD camera (GoPro or Mobius) — you can compare the telemetry data with the clearer HD video view.  These aren’t cheap but they can be used with other quads I build in the future.

For a limited time, Fat Shark is including a rechargeable battery and 5.8ghz receiver module (as show in the photo) making it a pretty great deal.

• Large FOV 35 degrees
• Support HDMI input
• Built in DVR
• VGA 600×480 resolution
• 43 channel support over 6 bands (1.3, 2.4, 5.8 GHz) (RF Module not included)
• Stereo audio output
• NTSC/PAL auto select
• Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 57 to 73 mm (adjustable)

Field of View: 35 degrees diagonal
Glass optics
Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 57 to 73 mm (adjustable)
Optional diopter lens inserts (not included): -2, -4, -6 dpt
Audio: Stereo
Power supply: 7 – 13 V (2S/3S supply)
Power consumption (@7.4V): 350mA wireless mode;200mA direct mode (no RX)
RF Modules -not included: 43 channel support on 6 bands (1G3, 2G4, 4 x 5G8)
Resolution: 600 X 480 VGA
Head Tracker(not included): Modular
DVR: MicroSD support to 32Gb
Record rate: 6Mbps
MJPG compression, 30 fps, AVI
File playback (no codec support other than native recording)
Upgradeable via SD card
Weight: 200g

Weight: 0g
Total Weight So Far: 440.4g

Part Cost: $374.99
Total Spent So Far: $936.07

The Dominator V2 Video Glasses are available from Hobby Wireless.

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