(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 240mm quadcopter)

We’re almost done with all the parts needed to build my FPV — just a few more before we start assembling the quad.  I ordered the Fat Shark Dominator V2 Goggles and those have arrived. I needed some 5.8GHz antennas for the receiver on the googles and for the transmitter.   There are lots of videos on YouTube that instruct you on how to build your own but I wanted to buy a set ready made.


There’s really not much to say about these besides the build quality is excellent. I really like the plastidip blue tips. Once I get the video system operation, I’ll be posting my thoughts on how these antennas function in the field.


  • 3 lobe Airscrew (Previously Cloverleaf Ultra) (normally used on the transmitter), with straight SMA male connector and right angle adapter.
  • 5 lobe Mad Mushorrom (normally used on the receiver), with straight SMA male connector.
  • 2x RP-SMA adapters for use with RP-SMA systems
  • Max speeds without significant deflection: 5.8GHz:  150 mph
  • Connector type:  SMA male
  • Whip length:  2″/5cm

Weight: 11g
Total Weight So Far: 451.4g

Part Cost: $64.95
Total Spent So Far: $1001.02

The Blue Beam Ultra 5.8 GHz Antenna Set are available from Hobby Wireless and GetFPV.

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