RotorX Atom RX122 - Side View

If you have been following my adventures in FPV quad building you’ll love this update.  I received my latest build from liftrc, the RotoX Atom RX122 FPV Micro Quad.  Let me tell you, this thing is small.  Really, small!   That said, it’s flying characteristics are similar to my 240mm but a lot more peppy and responsive — even in mild winds (I think due to it’s solid frame and weight).  The total flight weight is 172g including the 808 HD keychain camera and 3s battery.  I’m getting about 6-7 mins of flight time.

I’ve added the following extras not provided in the ARF kit:

  • 808 HD Keychain camera
  • Black PVC heat shrink to secure the ESC to frame arms
  • Loc8tor Tracker
  • Black Rubber Hold downs (for battery and camera)
  • Black industrial velcro

Other notable bits:

  • Included FPV camera is good.  Not as good as my Sony on my 240mm, that one I would call classify as Excellent.
  • Fast!  Not sure if it’s the size/scale or the motors, but this one feels faster than my 240mm.
  • I feel more comfortable flying because of it’s size and weight.  I can launch this from anywhere and fly in smaller spaces.

RotorX Atom RX122 Top View

I’m still tuning the bird (PID, etc) and once I get it all dialed in I’ll be posting videos to my YouTube channel.

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