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REVIEW: Microwave Leakage/EMF Detector (CEM DT-2G)

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August 11, 2009 4 Comments


The responsible folks over at LESS EMF INC. sent me the new version of the Microwave Leakage/EMF Detector that I blogged about last year.   The CEM DT-2G offers a backlit LCD display and an even higher sensitivity meter that never needs calibration.    The meter also provides an audible “beeping” alarm and red flashing light when it senses microwaves above the 5 mW/cm².  It’s sensitive down to 0.01 mW/cm² at 2450 MHz and will read all the way up to a roasting 9.99 mW/cm² in hundredths of mW/cm².  The battery operates for more than 12 months under normal use and comes complete with carry case to keep your unit in perfect condition.  The CEM DT-2G can also be used to measure radiated power from wireless keyboards, modems, cell phones and all other wireless devices using the 2450 MHz analog frequency.   The meter is available now and retails for $34.95.

I measured my home and I’m in safe ranges… phew!


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Energy Inc’s TED 5000 : Whole House Power Monitor

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July 14, 2009 9 Comments


Energy Inc. has introduced their next generation of whole house energy monitoring, the TED 5000 Series.   The system provides all the benefits of the TED 1000 (more here and here and here) series along with a new look and improved functionality. Featuring a sleek handheld display unit and the brand new Gateway component which allows you to view the data directly from a web browser without the need of the display unit.  The Gateway component will also allow for easy integration into home automation systems or interfaces like Myro:Home!

I will have a full video review of this product so stay tuned!

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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

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July 14, 2009 No Comments

zeo sleep coach

Since having a baby both my wife and I feel like we don’t get the quality of sleep we once used to — go figure.  Wonder if the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach can fix that.   Here’s how the Zeo works… you wear the the headband to sleep, the headband sends the data wirelessly to the display unit.  Then you can monitor your sleep patterns on the unit or for further analysis you can transfer the data via SD card to your computer and using the software provided you can look at graphs and history in greater detail.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach costs $399 which includes the headband with SoftWave™ sensor pad and the Zeo bedside display w/SmartWake.  The package also includes 6-months of sleep coaching.  You can order it at Zeo’s website and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Best Outdoor Grill – The Weber Genesis S-320

Home Appliances
May 26, 2009 No Comments


It’s almost grilling season and if you are looking for the best outdoor grill, I highly recommend the Weber Genesis S-320.  I purchased this grill two years ago and have had absolutely no issues with it.  The grill fires up on the first try and it can get extremely high temps really fast… I’ve had it up to 600+ degrees!!!  I would consider the grill priced in the “middle” since you can get ones that costs a lot more and a lot less than $949 — it’s well worth the price!

I chose the “full stainless steel” version, however, it is not completely stainless steel.  There are some elements that are a powder coated, but, for the most part, it is.   I would recommend you also get a cover to protect the grill when not in use to keep it looking new.

Here are some features:

  • 3-burner outdoor propane grill; 42,000 Btu’s; 637 inches total cooking area
  • 507 square inches cooking area; 130 square inches warming rack
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel cart; 7mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • 12,000 Btu input flush-mount side burner
  • 2 heavy-duty front locking casters and 2 heavy-duty back swivel casters – Weber Genesis S-320 – Weber Genesis S-320 Stainless Steel

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Waring Commercial Blender – MX1300

Home Appliances
March 17, 2006 8 Comments
MX1300.gifI really like commercial appliances, they don’t try to look trendy (however, they are very trendy), they are designed to serve a purpose and do a task well, without failing. Plus, if what you are making doesn’t come out as expected, there is no doubt it’s your appliance that caused the error.

A Good Blender Is Key
It’s no secret, I like blended drinks. Just the other night, I told my fiancé, that I’m not going to frequent a place that doesn’t have a blender. There have been times we have gone places that serve Margaritas, but they can’t be blended. What good is that? If you can’t offer the option of blended Margaritas, don’t offer them at all. So, new for 2006, if the place I’m at doesn’t have a blender, they don’t get my business.

Sure, there are people like, Mr. Doug Fleming, that think blended drinks are for sissies. I disagree, but I don’t speak with a thick Boston accent either. So, if you are like me and you want to make great blended drinks, you need a good blender. I currently own a Kitchen Aid, it’s alright, it makes a good blend, but it doesn’t compare to the Waring MX1300 Commercial Heavy Duty Blender. How can it? The MX1300 sports a 3 HP motor and you can blend a HALF-GALLON of beverage! Anything you drop into the 64 oz. Polycarbonate Container (stainless steel available for a premium charge) instantly becomes pulverized. What really sets the MX1300 from the rest is that 1) it’s a Waring — when you think blenders, think Waring 2) It has a blue backlight LCD display — great for us tech geeks 3) can be programmed with 4 settings — great for making regular drinks.

If you are in the market for a blender, be sure to check out the Waring Half-Gallon MX1300, I’ve seen it selling for around $440 online, with the stainless steel container option adding a couple hundred to the price. Sure it’s pricy, but think about all the great blended drinks you’ll enjoy!