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2013 ESPN/ABC Holiday Gift Guide

January 15, 2014 No Comments



2013 was a great year for tech lovers and I’ve finally found a moment to post a link to my Technology Holiday Gift Guide showing all the gadgets I recommended and ran last month on ESPN and a few ABC Owned television stations.   Even though the Holidays are over these gift ideas are still relevant for upcoming birthdays or heck, even a well deserved gift for yourself.  Also, if you ever find a cool tech product please let me know about it as I’m always compiling a list of ideas for the next gift guide.

– 2013 ESPN Gift Guide: Technology

– 2013 ABC Owned Television Stations Gift Guide: KGO San Francisco, KABC Los AngelesWABC New YorkWPVI PhiladelphiaWLS ChicagoKTRK Houston, KFSN Fresno,WTVD Raleigh


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Holiday Gift Idea: Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones

November 29, 2011 3 Comments

The Bowers & Wilkins C5 in-ear headphones is a great gift for the person that wants high-end sound in the most compact form factor possible.  As with all Bowers & Wilkins products, the build quality is as superb as the sound quality.   What really sets these in-ear headphones apart from the rest is the loop part — that fits against the cartilage of the ear giving it a secure fit.   While these are not active noise-canceling, the design amazingly blocks out noise as if they are.  The Bowers & Wilkins C5’s cost $180. – Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-ear noise-isolating headphones

For even more gift ideas be sure to check out my picks over at!

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December 1, 2008 5 Comments
It's time once again for Mavromatic's Top 5 Gadgets Of The Year. Last year, the iPhone was the #1 gadget on my list and I even hoped that a V2 Windows Media Extender would be released for under $200 -- it did in 2008 and made this years list! Due to the economic conditions I have selected gadgets that are priced less than $300. Again, these are gadgets that I have actually purchased and use myself.

So here is my Top 5 Gadget List of 2008 / Holiday Buyers Guide:

eyefiexplore.jpg#5 -- Eye-Fi Explore Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card (EYE-FI-2EX)

Priced at $129 this little SD card packs a lot of features. My favorite is that it can Geotag (add latitude and longitude location) photos based on WiFi locations -- even if you're not physically connected to the wireless access point. The card is great for shooting photos around your house since they can automatically be sent to the host computer or even your online photo service like flickr automatically. The EyeFi software is a cinch to install and works with almost any camera available these days. I even used it with my Canon 40D which is a CF based camera using this adapter.

whirly-pop.jpg#4 -- Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Ok, this isn't a gadget you'd typically see on Mavromatic -- you can thank my wife ( for bringing this into my life. What good is a home theater without great popcorn? For those of you that haven't had proper popcorn the Whirly-pop makes the best popcorn around. I even prefer the popcorn made from this gadget over the theater popcorn my commercial popcorn machine makes -- it's that good! Priced at $20, this gift fits everyone's budget in these tough times!

dma2100sm.jpg#3 -- Linksys Media Center Extender (DMA2100)

Linksys hadn't released the DMA2100 in time for last years top gadget list. When first announced it carried a $350 price tag, now you can get a V2 Windows Media Extender for $110! This small, compact device streams all your digital media from a Vista Media Center PC -- full video review here. 'Nuff said!

xbox360sm.jpg#2 -- XBOX 360 Console w/60gb Hard Drive

Who would have thought a three year old gadget would still be relevant in today's marketplace? Well, Microsoft's XBOX 360 made it on this years top 5 gadget picks because of the recent price drop! For $299, you get the console, wireless controller, 60gb hard drive and a couple games. But, wait, there's more! The XBOX 360 is a media extender ($110 value), a HD Netflix Streaming device ($100 value), a DVD player ($50 value) and a gaming/community platform (priceless). So if you have been holding out on an XBOX 360, there is no better time than now to purchase one!

#1 -- TED 1001 - Electricity Monitor, Energy Monitor, Power Monitor


Lets face it, we all love electronics, but we also need to be responsible with the power they use. That's why this years #1 Mavromatic Gadget Of The Year is Energy, Inc's T.E.D. 1001. I originally blogged about this in Aug. 2007, and a full video review in Jan. 2008. This product allows you to monitor your power usage in real-time and ultimately cut back on your total energy use. The available API and TED Footprints allows you to monitor usage and log data to you computer and even my custom software, Myro Control, will be able to render data from the TED. This will be the best $145 you've ever spent -- it may even pay itself off and make you money! Tags: , , , , ,