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TI SensorTag CC2541 – Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) Sensors with iBeacon

DIY, Electronics, Hacks & Mods, Home Automation
April 25, 2014 No Comments


A few years back I wondered why Apple didn't adopt NFC (Near Field Communication) for the iPhone and iPad. I'm actually happy they didn't because iBeacon or Bluetooth (4.0) LE (Low Energy) seems like a much better (useful) technology than NFC.  Especially in the context of Home Automation. Tags: , , , , , , , ,

PSA: Spotting Counterfeit IC / Electronic Components

DIY, Electronics, Hacks & Mods
April 19, 2014 1 Comment


When you are in the process of getting your product into mass production, the last thing on your mind is if parts being used are real or counterfeit.  Especially, relatively cheap commodity parts like a simple voltage regulator.   I’ve always heard to beware of parts from China as they are typically not the same quality, much lower quality or not even the same functionality as the original.

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