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Challenges Working With Embedded Devices

DIY, Home Automation
May 3, 2009 4 Comments

Working With Embedded PC's

I’ve been busy working with on the new version of Myro:Home which will run on the 8″  in-wall touchscreen panels.  My original plan was to have the same “downloadable” software being able to run on these types of panels, however,  the truth is that these panels need special care in order to bring the best performance and stability.   I’ve chosen Windows XP Embedded as the OS and can get everything running very quickly.  Now, I’m working on adding in specific hooks to the hardware to take advantage of controlling the “bare metal” like LCD and GPIO.     Since these devices are not full powered desktop PC’s where you can be a bit less strict using CPU cycles, you cannot afford running things that aren’t necessary.   Heat is the biggest problem and when you put panels in walls where ventilation is an issue, you need to use less powerful (less heat producing) architecture. 

In the end, I feel I will have a very powerful home control solution that is cost-effective and very competitive!

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Myro Control’s 8″ In-wall Touchscreen

Home Automation
April 24, 2009 5 Comments

myro control panel

I just received a demo 8″ touchscreen panel for Myro:Home. I’m creating a custom Windows XP Embedded version that will run Myro:Home. I’ll still be offering the software only version, which has been receiving great reviews, but for custom installers that want a complete system — this will be the solution.

More to come, stay tuned!

P.S. It still has the protection plastic on the bezel…

Update: XPe build is ready to move onto SSD

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Windows XP Embedded (XPe) and DOM (Disk-On-Module)

Hacks & Mods
February 24, 2009 No Comments

Part of the gearing up of Myro Control's launch, I have been busy learning how to build, license, and release Windows XP Embedded images. My plans are to offer Myro Control UI on a vast variety of platforms starting with in-wall and tablet touchscreens. The reliably and speed of Windows XPe make it a no brainer. The image is stored on DOM (Disk-On-Module's) so no hard drives to crash, overheat or suck up battery life. I am currently building a Samsung Q1 XPe build of Myro Control (will post videos soon) and will also be using an OEM of a popular tablet. Tags: , , ,