PentaRef By – Check the Accuracy of Your DMM


The PentaRef by provides 5 different DC reference voltages and is an excellent tool for checking the accuracy of your DMM.


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Tag-Connect: The ICP Connector That Saves PCB Space & Cost Less


There are a lot of little details you need to think about when taking a project from PoC (proof-of-concept) to production.  Most projects today have some form of onboard microprocessor and require you to flash your custom bootloader and/or program code onto it at some point.  There are many ways this can be accomplished but the most common method is using an ICP (in-circuit programmer) connected to a 6-pin ICP header somewhere on the PCB.    One of the cons of this method is that the actual 6-pin header costs money (around $.11 each) and takes up valuable board space.  It’s also a through-hole part which could add to the assembler cost if you populate the header.   That said, most often in large production runs you don’t need to populate the header and there is typically expensive programming test/jig’s with pogo pins that mate with the header holes to program the microprocessor.  That’s not the norm with small to medium production runs and still doesn’t solve the issue of valuable board space.

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PSA: Spotting Counterfeit IC / Electronic Components


When you are in the process of getting your product into mass production, the last thing on your mind is if parts being used are real or counterfeit.  Especially, relatively cheap commodity parts like a simple voltage regulator.   I’ve always heard to beware of parts from China as they are typically not the same quality, much lower quality or not even the same functionality as the original.

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Comparisons: Myro:Air vs. Arcam airDAC Airplay UPnP DAC / Streamer



As of this post, there are only two Apple Certified AirPlay Streamers featuring high-quality DAC’s.  The Arcam airDAC and Myro:Air.  Both streamer/DAC combos are very capable but offer different features and components.  As far as streaming capabilities both offer AirPlay streaming and are compatible with devices (e.g. Windows & Android) that can stream content to UPnP DMR’s (Myro:Air has been tested with the following media types).

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Dub-Box-USA: The Airstream Alternative


I was flipping through this month’s issue of Men’s Journal and saw what looked like a VW “Kombi” bus but it wasn’t a VW — it was a trailer that looked like one.  Well, it’s exactly that, a camper trailer inspired by the design of VW’s bus.  Made by Dub-Box-USA located in Portland, Oregon, the body is made from fiberglass with a towing length of about 16′ (body length is 12′).   This camper is equipped with a double bed, sink and Faucet with additional options like refrigerator, stove and outdoor shower.  This trailer will make any camp site a lot more fun.   Made to order, starting at $19,500.

- Dub-Box-USA


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