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CES 2010 Video – Samsung MyFit

CES, Videos
January 8, 2010 10 Comments

Here is a great little gadget for the neurotic hypercondriacs like myself.  The Samsung MyFit is more than just an MP3 player.  This little device tells you how to stay fit and healthy.   In the video you can see it check my stress level (it was “very good”) and even can tell you your melanin level (I was 175 due to my Greekness).   But that’s not all, it can even tell you how fat you are… by serving up your BMI index.   This little gadget is so feature packed you’ll burn calories just navigating it.

There is no release date or price yet… however, this will definitely be on my gadget wish list.

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Lagotek Home Automation

CES, Home Automation
August 8, 2007 6 Comments


I've been meaning to post about Lagotek since I found out about them at CES. I spoke with one of the founders (if I remember correctly) and had a great conversation about UI's and automation control. I have seen many home automation controllers and pretty much all user interfaces suck -- with exception, Lagotek. Their home automation interfaces are some of the best I have seen thus far! Their offices are located near me and I will probably be meeting with them soon to find out more details about their products -- once I do, I'll post it here.

From what I know so far (taken from Wikipedia):

- Lagotek developed a wireless home automation system that allows homeowners a complete control of lighting, temperature, entertainment, surveillance, security, irrigation and other home appliances in any room from any location of their home

- based on any number of touch-screen controllers, mounted into a standard 2-gang switch boxes of a new or a remodel home; these controllers communicate through Wi-Fi with Z-Wave power outlets, dimmers, switches and other devices; each controller acts as a server, enhancing the system's reliability, while devices also act as repeaters, increasing the systems range to infinite

- Software running on top of Microsoft Windows CE system

Looks like a promising system, plus it was founded by ex-MSFT employees -- which is a plus in my book. Tags:

AMD/ATI TV WONDER Digital Cable Tuner

CES, Home Theater
January 13, 2007 26 Comments




AMD/ATI had the TV WONDER Digital Cable Tuner on display at CES. The OCUR device comes in an external version (pictured), about the size of a cable modem and an internal version for OEM use. Sony will be using the internal version in their XL3 MCE while Dell will be using the external. Both versions connect via USB 2.0. Reps from ATI/AMD said that the tuner will be shipping with Dell's Home Media Suite — Foundation System starting Jan 30th (public release of Vista) and would be available also as a standalone upgrade as well. There was no mention that the box you connect the tuners to need to be CableLabs certified as reported previously, which means good news for us that build our own MCE's (I'm hoping this is true). The TV WONDER Digital Cable Tuner is in productions right now but no firm pricing has been released yet. Rumors indicate they will be in the $250-$299 (each) range. Up to two tuners can be connected to a Vista MCE, so you can record and watch up to two channels at once. The tuner is uni-directional so onDemand content will not work. Tags:

Vista Sideshow – Remotes

CES, Home Automation, Home Theater
January 12, 2007 6 Comments





One of the technologies I really wanted to see in person at CES was Vista Sideshow enabled devices. I spent some time playing with them and as you can see, they come in all sizes. The Ricavision Vista Media Center Remote with Sideshow Technology is my favorite. MSI also had a prototype of a "SideShow Companion" device which is a small little screen with touch sensitive controls -- this will be great for controlling a Home Automation system. Tags:

Channel Vision iBus — Wall Dock for iPod

CES, Home Automation
January 12, 2007 2 Comments

The iBus is a single gang wall dock for distributing your iPods video and audio throughout your home audio system. It's compatible with all Channel Vision's A-BUS systems as well as other multiroom audio system like Russound's CAV 6.6. The iBus also charges the iPod (excluding shuffle). The iBus can be added to your system for less than $200. When will they come out with a zBus for the Zune?

- iBus Instruction Manual (PDF) Tags: