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Walk Of Fame Star Replica :: Part 4 (Finished Product)

March 29, 2005 4 Comments
grouseStar.jpgBased on your emails, you guys are probably wondering where I have been for the past few weeks... I've been working in the Mavromatic labs finishing up a bunch of things. Remember the Walk of Fame star I posted about back in August? I finally got around to taking a couple photos of the finished product (but please excuse the dust). I still need to apply some floor wax over it and give it a good polish. At the very least, you can see what the finish product looks like. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. But to be honest it was one heck of an undertaking! Terrazzo is a beautiful thing with it's all done... the drawback is the amount of work it takes to get it there. Grinding and polishing is VERY messy! I tried both the dry and wet grinding/polish methods... with the dry method you get black fine dust everywhere and with the wet method, get ready to clean all the black muddy paste off of everything up to twelve feet away. Don't say I didn't warn you!

As for the two questions I always get asked, 1) the whole process took a few months and 2) it cost me a grand total of $326.05 (solid brass medalian, solid brass letters, brass outline, terrazzo chips, concrete coloring, 5000psi cement) less labor. And for those of you wondering what the heck "The Grouse" is/means... it's The GReek house. I'm Greek, it's the house I built and it deserves it's own star!

Here is a far shot leading into the theater (not finished yet):


Walk Of Fame Star Replica :: Part 3 (The Terrazzo)

August 16, 2004 20 Comments
  Part 1: Making the Mold (Completed)
  Part 2: The Brass Lettering/Star outline (Completed)
» Part 3: Terrazzo mix and color (Completed)
  Part 4: Finished Product


» Monday, August 16, 2004
After a few different formulas, I have found a good mix for the black terrazzo. It's a 1:1:1 mix. 1 Part White Cement : 1 Part Black Sand : 1 Part Raven Black Terrazzo Aggrigate. With a pinch of Davis Black concrete coloring and 1/2 Part of White Terrazzo Aggrigate (for that speckled effect). I'm going to mix and pour it in tonight, and start the pink formula.

» Monday, August 2, 2004
I finally found some time to lay the Walk of Fame star in its final resting place. Below is a photo of the star itself ready to be epoxied to the floor.

When I first placed it on the floor, I thought I made it too small... but when I thought about it more, I think it's just right... Heck, I'm not trying to replicate Hollywood Boulevard, but instead give "The Grouse" a classy star. Below is a long shot of the lobby area, and to the right, you'll see the star placed in front of the door way to the theater.


I'm going to be pouring the Terrazzo mix this week, but here is a Photoshop version of what it should look like once it's all poured.


» Monday, July 12, 2004
It's time for me to start Part 3... I contacted the contractors that create the real Walk of Fame Stars and they told me exactly what I needed to do to create my own replica. Part 3, will go over everything from the tools needed to the terrazzo mix, concrete coloring and finishing.

Lets get to it... If we look at the photo of the real Walk Of Fame star, you will notice that the outer border is black with white flakes and the star itself is pink with white flakes.
Shot of Original Star:

Close up shot of Original Terrazzo:

I was told that I needed #1 sized terrazzo to recreate a perfect match. 'Raven Black' for the outer and some standard white flakes for the star and outer area. I also needed to buy some Davis Concrete Coloring.

For the outer border I bought some 'graphite black' and for the coral/pink star 'utility red'. Because I want a coral/pink color for the star, I'm thinking that using white concrete for the star it will get me a better match (white + red = pink) and standard grey for the black outer area (grey + black = almost black). All these supplies can be bought from your local concrete and terrazzo suppliers.

Here is a shot of where the star will be placed:

Another shot with the star overlay:

STILL TO COME: - Review of the Makita angle grinder and grinding stone I purchased for this project. It's always fun being able to justify buying power tools! - Sample Color Mixes - Sample Terrazzo - Installing Star & Lettering - Final Terrazzo

Home Theater Backlit Mylar Sign With LED Display

November 15, 2004 2 Comments

I sometimes go overboard on things, heck, I installed my very own Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star in my lobby (final photos to be posted soon). It's great to see there are others going to great lengths to bring the local cineplex decor to their home. Jason over at MAX-HEADROOM.COM bought an old ATM LED Sign, wrote some custom software and created a pretty impressive Mylar Sign holder with a custom LED messages. The How To and software are free and he provides links to Sam's Club and eBay for the LED sign itself. This is a bit extreme for even my tastes, but if you want to treat your family and friends to a realistic theater environment, then this DIY project may be for you.

- AVS FORUM: mylar Backlit Sign with LED Display
- MAX-HEADROOM.COM: ATM Sign Conversion