DIY: Building a Mini Quadcopter Part 10 – ImmersionRC 600mW Video Transmitter

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 240mm quadcopter)

Since I’m building an FPV (first person view) quadcopter it relies on transmitting video from the FPV camera from Part 5 (I’ll be covering the goggles and antennas in a future post).


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DIY: Building a Mini Quadcopter Part 9 – 12 Amp PRO RapidESC (SimonK)

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 240mm quadcopter)

To power the SunnySky X2204S 2300kv Motors you need an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).   For this,  I’ve selected the next generation speed controller from Quadrysteria.  They state the manufacturer of this ESC is the same as the one that made the popular BlueSeries and features newer, higher-quality MOSFETs that run cooler and offer higher peak current — apparently these ESC are so fast that you can double your PI gains.


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DIY: Building a Mini Quadcopter Part 8 – SunnySky X2204S 2300kv Motors

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 240mm quadcopter)

Now that the FPV mini quadcopter frame has been selected we need some motors to make it fly.   For that, I’ve selected 4 SunnySky X2204S 2300kv motors ($23ea).   It was between these or the Tiger’s MN1806 2300kv, but paying $43 each for the Tigers would take this copter out of budget (which is going overboard already) — plus, I like the look of the SunnySky’s.


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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – IMPRESSIVE!



OK, Microsoft!  You’ve got my attention!  I have to admit, I used to be a MSFT fanboy, especially because the development tools they offered were the best around at the time.  Back in 2005, I even attempted to build my home automation system using .NET and Flash and built in-wall touch screen (DIY: Inwall 15″ LCD touchscreen).  I had Window’s CE phones (the first “smartphone”), HD-DVD (yup, I supported that), Viewsonic Smart Displays (remember those?), I use Microsoft Media Center with Extenders (MSFT abandoned it).  See, the problem is that MSFT has not stuck through with the great technologies it has created — they release something and right when you think it’s going to go mainstream, they back out and kill it.   I made the switch to Apple’s ecosystem once the iPhone came out and learned to develop in Objective-C.  I’d rather invest in technology that improves (slowly) overtime than ones that come out strong and then nothing comes of it (dies a slow death).

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DIY: Building a Mini Quadcopter Part 7 – BAH Mini Nemesis Folding Frame (240mm)

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 220mm 240mm quadcopter)

I’ve been looking at different frames for the quad I’m building.  The proven 220mm “H-Quad” style frame by Blackout (known as the Blackout Mini H Quad Frame w/ Power Distribution Board) is highly respected and top on my list.   However, many of those have already been built and you can find many awesome videos on YouTube showing it’s capabilities.   Steve sent me a forum post at about a new 240mm folding mini H quad frame by Bay Area Heli called the Nemesis 240mm Mini folding FPV Quad.   It comes in either G10 and Carbon Fiber material.


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DIY: Building a Mini (220mm) Quadcopter Part 6 – 12V Step-up Voltage Regulator

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 220mm quadcopter)

The last part ordered was the FPV Camera and that operates at a voltage of 12v.  Since I will have a clean 5v provided from the video transmitter (to be selected later), I need a 12V step-up voltage regulator.


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The Omni Notifier, Sends Email and Text Messages From Omni Panels


Leviton Security & Automation (formerly HAI) has released a new module call the Omni Notifier that brings email and text notifications to any Omni (Pro II, IIe, LTe) or Lumina (both) control system.  It uses one of the RS-232 ports on the controller and needs an ethernet connection (in addition to the one that is probably already connected to the Omni panel) — the best part — it requires no service contracts to use!

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DIY: Building a Mini (220mm) Quadcopter Part 5 – FPV Camera

(This is part of a multi-part series on building a FPV mini 220mm quadcopter)

What makes the quadcopter I’m building different than say a DJI Phantom?  Well, the main difference is that I’m building a FPV (the First Person View) quadcopter and to achieve the FPV part you need at least one camera (I’ll be installing two, one for the FPV and the other to record HD video — more on that in a later post).   The FPV camera broadcasts via a transmitter (will be selected in another post) to the ground station which can either be a simple video display with a wireless receiver or video based goggles (also to be selected in a future post).

The video from the front mounted camera is what you will use to fly (or steer) the quad in the air without needing line of sight view — you see what the copter is seeing.  The video signal also has superimposed telemetry data (via the OSD module).  As this is technically the “eyes” of the copter it’s important to have a high quality camera that has a high dynamic range and provides clear sky and ground exposure.


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