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  • Sunday, May 1st, 2005

    DIY: Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Signal Repeater

    outdoor-wifi.jpgIn my previous post, I went over how I created a weatherproof Wi-Fi camera rig. I decided to write a separate entry about how I got Wi-Fi signal to the camera during the construction process of my new home.

    This project was installed about a year and a half ago and has been functioning since. There have been times I needed to reboot the repeater throughout the year, so it’s not like you can install it forget about it (unless you buy commercial products, not a Linksys). You also have to keep an eye out for growing shrubs and trees, since that will limit your signal over time.

    First up, you’re going to have to have access to an internet connection (DSL/Cable). I had the luxury of having my parents near by, so I didn’t have to deal with any neighbors trying to secure an internet connection during construction (check your area and see if anyone has their wireless wide open… you might just want to repeat that signal).

    I hope this post gives you some ideas as how to easily setup an access point outside your home. Maybe you have a park across the way that you’d love to work at, but can’t because you need to be connected… this project can surely make it possible.

    Lets begin.

    The Parts List:
    - A HyperLink 8db Compact Omnidirectional 2.4ghz Antenna or a HyperLink 8db Patch Antenna
    - 2 Linksys WAP11‘s 802.11b Access Points (or any newer models that support repeater mode)
    - 1- 10″x10″x4″ PVC enclosure from Home Depot
    - Misc PVC parts for Antenna Mast attachment, PVC Glues, Silicon, etc
    - Double-sided foam tape
    - A few power tools… drill, screw, etc.

    If doing Power-Over-Ethernet (not repeater mode), you’ll also need:
    - Cat5e Connection Box
    - Volt Meter (to check cable resistance)
    - Cat5e cable (outdoor direct burial type)
    - New power supply to accommodate length of cat5e cable

    You’ll need to find an enclosure that will fit your access point. Most of the time, the case is bigger than the actual electronics inside… so if you are having trouble finding a case, you can always dismantle the access point/repeater, however, this will void your warranty. For my WAP11, I took some measurements and headed to my local Home Depot. I found they had a 10″x10″x4″ PVC box that looked perfect for this project.



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