SDI mod for my DVD Changer

Hacks & Mods
March 16, 2004 4 Comments
DVF07.JPG Exactly this time last year I started modding my DVD player for SDI out... it was a pretty exciting project. I originally posted it on the AVS Forum under "Poorman's SDI", it has since received over 16,000 views and it's still going strong. I just finished modding a friends Pioneer DV-F07 DVD changer, going to drop it off Thursday night. Read up and maybe you will want to add SDI to your player!


Home Theater
March 15, 2004 No Comments
rock.jpgTAW announced the Rock PRO about six months ago. It reportedly yields a much better picture and smoother pans. It also can be expanded with field installable modules... I got the chance to upgrade my old Rock+ to the PRO and will have a complete review in a couple weeks.