makingthings.jpgI just found out about a company named, ‘MakingThings‘. They have released a device called the Teleo, which has 4 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 PWM outputs. What makes them different from all the rest of the robotic boards is that they have added Macromedia Flash support which means you can send/receive variables to/from Flash. With some creativity, this device can be used from simple robotics control to artistic Flash-based renderings via analog sensors.

Using Macromedia’s Flash with Teleo, any Flash developer can move beyond their computer screen and mouse and create physically interactive projects (devices that actually move and behave) or develop completely new kinds of interactive environments. This system allows people to build applications that sense light, distance, pressure, temperature, etc. In turn, these same applications can react, triggering motors, lights, among other things. Moreover, applications can be controlled locally from any computer or, remotely, via a standard web browser.