Some things should be kept a secret and I thought about keeping this one close to me, but decided that there must be others that are looking for a replacement to the played out Marine Aquarium by Prolific Publishing. Goldfish Aquarium is their latest release and you can tell they took what they know about 3D programming and applied it to this application. It looks more realistic than the Marine Aquarium, I would even venture to say almost lifelike. You can choose from 12 different types of Goldfish and cycle thru different tanks and views… one of my favorites is the top view, which reminds me of the old flying toaster screensaver by Berkleysoft. Did I already mention the graphics are unbelievable; the fish really act and look real. This is a great screensaver for your home theater or to just have displayed on your DIY inwall touchscreen. The best part is you don’t need to feed or maintain anything making the $20 price tag a non-issue. It’s currently only available on the PC, a OSX version will be released soon.