First off, did you know that there is a mail conference and it’s called Mailcom? Today, at that very conference, the BioDefense Corporation unveiled its 2-door MailDefender System. The system utilizes proven disinfection technologies such as ultraviolet, microwave, and a proprietary antimicrobial compound to stop biological pathogens like anthrax before they invade a workplace environment; protecting people and property from terrorist’s attacks and threats (also a great tool for furthering your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It effectively decontaminates deadly and harmful bio-contaminants and certain chemicals, including ricin, smallpox, plague, e-Coli, influenza, HIV and botulism. (In some tests, mail was decontaminated at a level nearly 1,000% more effective than the U.S. Army’s standard of safety.) If you’ve been looking for a system to dryclean your incoming mail and have about $60k to spend, contact BioDefense directly to place an order.