I try my best to keep my electronics looking new, but the iPod is the worst at keeping scratch free because of its shiny back and polished plastics. The problem with traditional iPod protective cases is that they take away from the slim look and feel of the iPod (a reason why most purchase one in the first place) so it you want to keep your iPod scratch free, then you’ll love Trendy Geek’s Pod Shields. They are a made of a thin material that clings to the iPod using high static. The front film covers the iPods’ delicate screen and the back film is designed to fully cover the stainless steel back and sides of the unit while still enabling users to place their iPod comfortably in a docking station. When the shields need replacing, there is no sticky glue or residue to remove — they simply peal off. They come in a 3-pack and cost about $6.99. Way easier and cheaper than buying a polishing kit.