Just a heads up for all you LidRock CD collectors out there… BLIMPIE is going to be launching their huge “Super Summer” Promotion on May 28th and will be offering three separate custom LidRock Audio/Interactive CDs — one for each of the three months of the promotion. Each collectable CD comes packaged in the plastic beverage lid of a 32 oz. drink and will feature music from a headline artist with additional songs from other current, popular musicians as well as interactive content including music videos, artist bios, concert dates, sneak previews of other BLIMPIE “Super Summer” LidRock CDs and a special BLIMPIE printable coupon offer. Which artists will they be offering you ask… Alanis Morissette, LeAnn Rimes, Ben Jelen, Tyler Hilton, Amy Dalley and Rodney Atkins. LidRock CDs will be available for $1.00 for customers who purchase a 32 oz. beverage or for $1.49 without beverage purchase. So there you go, I try to post something for everyone… even the LidRock collectors of the world.