DAN QUIRK — Whether conducting a raid in an unlit crack house basement or trying to find your tire iron at 2:30am on a dark highway, Surefire has a flashlight to fit your needs. Available models range from long battery life LED lights, to super high intensity (the M6 Millennium model is capable of an overpowering 500 lumens!) weapon lights used by elite police and military agents. Square in the middle of the long battery/high intensity matrix of Surefire’s flashlights is Surefire’s most inexpensive model ($34.00), the G2 Nitrolon. Composed of a proprietary polymer compound that is non-conductive as well as corrosion proof, the result is a compact, sturdy, and light weight (3 ounces) flashlight. The G2 runs on two Lithium “123A” batteries, yet is three to four times brighter than a traditional flashlight running on two “D” cells. The standard bulb puts out 60 lumens, and the available P61 replacement lamp produces a blinding 120 lumens, although it reduces usage time from one hour to 20 minutes at that intensity. Perhaps the most compelling reason to pick this light up is that for $15.00 you can purchase a 12 pack of the “123A” batteries, which have a ten year shelf life. With a battery shelf life that long, you can store your G2 and extra batteries in the glove compartment or trunk of your vehicle and never worry that they’ll be dead when you need them. Great gift idea for anyone you always want to have a light when they need it (parents, spouse, significant other, etc.).