I love hacking my gadgets to make them better than what the manufacturer intended and Alex Hardware shares the same view. They have posted a “how-to” on updating your DACs (Digital to Analog Converter) in either the Pioneer 49TXi or 59TXi flagship receiver to ones that are used in much higher quality equipment. The 59TXi is my personal favorite all-in-one receiver and with this mod it really makes it sing. The mod parts cost about $190 (from Digikey) or you can have them do all 8 channels for $495 (parts and labor). It will void your warranty so you might want to wait 3 years or get a DAC 10 ASSY board (AWK7725 part number for 49TXi and AWK7773 for 59TXi) from Pioneer Parts (about $300) and then you can swap it back in if anything happens.