We are bombarded with studies that prove we are getting bigger. The New York Times reported in March that the first national survey of adult size since World War II found men and women all bigger in 240 different measurements “from tip to toe.” Manufacturers have even rushed to churn out a huge array of products for our
growing population. Everything from scales that go up to 1000 pounds, to
super-sized towels and oversized steering wheels are now available. But until Aitan Levy developed The Big John Toilet Seat, nothing had been done to provide comfort for that vital area right between tip and toe that had been crying out for relief — the BOTTOM. Aitan’s background involved high-class design and manufacturing for 5 star hotels and high-end kitchen and bathroom products. His clients have included Kevin Costner, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, W Hotels, and several major athletes.

The Big John is:
– Specially designed and manufactured for the Plus Size / Big & Tall consumer.
– Stylish ergonomic design has a larger, more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface that is roomier
than any other toilet seat on the market.
– Engineered tough for long lasting durability uses the highest-grade anti-microbial plastic that is both stain and chemical resistant.
– Durable “Continuous Stainless Steel Mount and Hinge” that provides unbreakable strength where others fail.
– Stabilizing “Rubber Bumpers” that literally grip the porcelain, keep the seat from any un-wanted shifting.
– 4″ more Sitting Surface, 2 1/2″ wider Opening, and 2 ” Taller than a standard toilet seat.
– “One size fits all”. Big John Toilet Seat has been uniquely engineered to perfectly fit either a Round or Elongated toilet bowl.
– Guaranteed not to break – Lifetime Warranty.

It can be ordered directly from their website for a special internet introductory price of $88.00.