<% rating = 4 %>There are two phones I’ve been eyeing… the HP h6315 (pictured), which was co-developed with T-Mobile, and the XDA III by O2. I’m leaning more towards the XDA III because of the slide out keyboard. CNET News.com posted a story about the new HP h6315 and how it operates on a traditional cellular network but can automatically hop over onto a faster Wi-Fi connection when one is available. That is very cool, and being a T-Mobile customer, I can’t wait to try out this feature. The h6315 also has a built in camera, can play MP3s and offers bluetooth connectivity (for iSync’ing to my MAC?). The h3615 is expected to be available August 26 from HP and T-Mobile. The T-Mobile version will sell for $499 with a 1-year service agreement.

CNET — HP to Dick Tracy: Bet your phone can’t do this

P.S. Because this runs the PocketPC version of Windows Media Player, I can slide in a SD card with my WMV encoded videos and I’ll have a portable media player that is also a phone!