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Update: The Ovnipan camera is all hand made and will set you back about $400 (325 euros) plus shipping.

It’s not everyday that I give perfect 5-star ratings… but today seems special… you all need to check out this sweet camera (and more) over at CASADOPINHOLE. The Ovnipan (pictured) is one of the coolest looking inventions I have seen in a while. It takes a full 360º view shot using regular (old skool style) 120 roll film. Now, I said “coolest looking”, this thing has a very futuristic design by using modern high quality plastic materials. I will try to get more info, like pricing… and once I do, it will be posted here.

“Ovnipan is a circular pinhole camera that has six
pinholes equally spaced around its periphery, thus
covering all 360º of the scene. The film plane is an
inner cylinder that covers a panoramic format of
6 x 18cm. The shutter is the white plastic cylinder
that forms the outside of the camera. All six pinholes
are uncovered simultaneously, when the shutter is

[Thanks Aldo_mann!]