Keeping with things that fly, Vaca Meter Limousines has converted an old Boeing 727-100 and converted it into a 50-seat luxury limousine. For about $300 an hour, Limousines de Guadalajar Vaca Meters will fly, uh transport you and your closest 49 friends around Mexico. It’s powered by a six-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine in the back and has air brakes and suspension. The bird is about 54′ long and 12′ wide. Truck-style wheels and suspension replace the landing gear and on the inside, passengers are treated to neon strobes, a dance floor, a bar and a romantic space in the back to _________. (fill in the blank).

It’s amazing what three months and sixty people can accomplish… well, now the world finally has one… a “Wingless 727 Limo”