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I should be posting about some new gadget or the new Mac Mini (announced at MacWorld today), but instead I’m going to comment about the newly announced Range Rover Sport. I was speechless when I first saw it… WOW! To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the LR3 (Discovery 3)… there’s something about the rear-end design I don’t care about. So far there isn’t one design element that I don’t like on the Range Rover Sport. I think Land Rover is going to have a huge success with this one. The Range Rover Sport is not only going to be the most sexy looking SUV on the road and trails, but it’s going to be jam packed with technology and power.

I talked to my local dealer and they are hoping to see the vehicle as early as April. I don’t have pricing yet, but I expect the RRS to be priced around $55k, for the normal powered V8, and probably $65k for the supercharged 390hp 4.2-liter V8 engine — IMHO, that’s much power for a SUV, buy a Porsche 911 if you want speed… not a SUV!

If you look closely at the photos, you will notice that this Rover has all the best design elements from both the LR3 and Range Rover. The interior will wrap more than we are used to with Land Rovers, but I think it’s something we all can get used to. Over the next few weeks/months we should be finding out more details… I think this may be my next truck!

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