It’s been a while since I’ve seen any new ultra-high-end stereo components, but Krell Industries just changed that with the newly introduced Evolution Series.

Here’s the deal… the Evolution Series consists of the Evolution One, which is a Class A, 450-watt monaural amplifier and the Evolution Two, which is a Class A monaural preamplifier. These beauties both feature machined custom aluminum chassis and a 1 1/2inch faceplate which looks incredible! The Evolution Two is very minimalist while the Evolution One flaunts its power with a custom fabricated polycarbonate analog power meter that is backlit by the soft glow of the blue lights Krell is known for.

As for pricing, let’s just say that you need a few G’s to afford them both… like 90,000 of them… yup. The MSRP of the Evolution One and Evolution Two are $50,000/pr and $40,000/pr respectively and should be shipping this month.