Yup, that’s right, for the last week and a half the weather here in Seattle, WA has been beautiful. Clear blue skys and in the upper 80’s, so with that, it’s officially summertime here in Seattle and what better way to ring in the good weather than loading up an 8′ long Balloon Bazooka (pictured, it’s the biggest one on the right) and start pegging the neighbor kids from afar.

Available in 3 sizes, the 6′ Entry Model ($99.95) can launch water ballons over 300ft, while the 7′ Standard Model ($149.95) shoots up to 400ft. For those that want to have a water balloon fight with the folks in space, the 8′ Magnum Model ($199.95) can launch a water balloon, get this, over 500 feet! You provide the air compressor and the endless supply of balloons.

Balloon Bazooka