Danny: Sorry for the none original content, I ran across this off the wire service and thought it had some interesting facts about the plastic BIC pen we all have converted into a spitwad launcher at somepoint in our life.

PRNewswire —What would cover 40 times the
distance from Earth to the moon, lined up end to end? What has been sold
throughout the world since 1950, at a rate of 57 per second?
You’ve heard of BIC and are doubtless aware that the trademark has
featured prominently in schoolbags and handbags, on desktops and coffee
tables, for more than 50 years.

You’ve also noticed, in your travels throughout the world, that BIC is
synonymous with quality at an affordable price in the United States, Europe,
Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and all over the world.

You know all this and more … But did you know that BIC has just passed
the 100-billion mark? That’s 100 billion ballpoint pens sold over the years by
the renowned stationery company!

From the classic BIC Cristal introduced more than 50 years ago to
the most recent gel ink pens, BIC has successfully expanded its range while
remaining loyal to its core philosophy: offering high-quality, affordable
products to all … for the enjoyment of trendy teens, hard-working
businesspeople, and devoted grandparents around the world!