Mavromatic was hit with a mega dose of comment spam over the last few weeks. I do have plans on upgrading to the lastest version of Moveable Type which will hopefully combat this spam problem. Unfortunately, while cleaning up the spam comments, I may have deleted legit, non-spam comments, if that is the case, please repost them.

As for a quick update of things happening around here, the ABC Broadband Streaming Player I worked on won an Emmy. The whole team is pretty excited about the news and you can be sure than the next version, which is launching in the Fall will exceed the previous Emmy Award winning player.

I’ve also been busy working on my personal projects, in particular, my home control interface/server. That’s why the lack of postings on the site. I’m almost done with the HAI OmniPro II connection library and should be ready to post a full entry about it shortly.