Someone on the AVS Forum posted a link to this video on YouTube. It was was uploaded on Dec 18th by Muslix64, a 26yr old Canadian. Apparently, he has broken found away around the AACS copy protection of HD DVD.

He writes:
“I was not aware of anyone having done that, so I did.
Have a look.
The AACS copy protection system is realy Unbreakable!
The program is a simple implementation of the aacs crypto protocol freely available on the net.
No reverse engineering!
Stay tuned for source code soon!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Source now avaiable at:

AACS is unbreakable” is the title of the video and the total running time is 2:16. The author claims that it’s not about the software (which is written in Java), but it’s all about a config file — TKDB.cfg. It looks like there is some kind of hash keys for each crackable HD DVD title. What do you guys think… is this video real or fake? I just downloaded the source… I’ll see if it works.

Update: It looks like it should work… the hard part is getting the “Title Keys”.

The author writes:
-How do you extract the “Title keys”?

I won’t explain it in detail. Read the AACS doc first. You will understand.
The title keys are located on the disk in encrypted form, but for a
content to be played, it has to be decrypted! So where is the
decrypted version of the title key? Think about it…

Update 2:
Chris Lanier says, “No, AACS Was Not Cracked“.

YouTube – “AACS is unbreakable