I’ve always been an avid supporter of HD DVD, now I’m going to start supporting the cause with my money. This week I made my final decision and ordered about ten HD DVD discs and the XBOX 360 HD DVD drive (two actually… one for the Media Center and one for the 360). The reasons behind my HD DVD support is simple:

  • 1. I hate the way BluRay sounds when you say it out loud. Like some cheap plastic kids toy.
  • 2. I don’t think BluRay is as good. I know I’m going to get flamed by BluRay fans and you better not say BluRay is better because it holds more data… because there is no way a content company will release their whole collection on a single HD disc for $30, so that’s worthless for movies and TV. Take note from all the TV Series on DVD. Most, if not all, are on 4.5gb discs vs. DVD-18 (18gb) because people are more willing to spend $49.99 if the box contains 7 discs than 1 — and that won’t magically change with HD discs.
  • 3. Not a fan of Sony or the PS3.

Did I just waste my money or do you guys think HD DVD will be the winner? I’d love to hear people thoughts on this (plus it will allow me to test out the updated spam free comment system) — so fire away!