It’s very interesting to see how reliant we have become on electricity. Everything I blog about needs it and without it, they are worthless chunks of plastic and metal. A powerful windstorm hit Seattle Thursday night and our power went out around 1:00am Friday morning. It was restored for about 30 minutes this morning (Sunday, 2:00am) but then a big bang took that joy away. I called up Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and they say it may take until Saturday to get our power back — I really hope not. Luckly, my parents live right around the corner and their power has been fully restored — that’s where I’m writting from.

At night, my wife and I have been sitting by the fireplace catching up on magazines, books, and playing cards. We look at all the technology in the house and realize that all this stuff really doesn’t matter, what’s most important is being warm and safe.

Ok, enough of that… The new HDCP graphics card arrived. Once the power is restored I’ll try it out with the HD DVD drive and post the results.