hai wholehouse automation

HAI has updated their “Benefits Of HAI Home Automation”  graphic and I’d love to hear what people think about Home Automation in general.   Since the economy is pretty tight right now and new construction projects  (even remodeling) has slowed down:

  • What are your current views related to Home Automation?
  • Does the thought of having a “Green Home” change your views on building in all this control into your house?  
  • Does it bother you that a new car has more “automation” than your home?
  • What would be the most important function to have automated in your home?
  • Would you pay extra for a house that is “automated”?

Heck, I’d love to hear anything related to this… positive or negative — so sound off in the comments!  Cheers!

HAI:  Benefits of HAI Home Automation Graphic (high-resolution image)

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