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14″ PowerPizza Laptop Case

April 8, 2005 No Comments
My girlfriend just bought an iBook and she's looking to find a case that is not "too techie", but "something more fashionable". In her search she found this very unstylish case made by human beans. It's called the PowerPizza, it's the Anti-theft, Anti-shock, Anti-style computer case. Each PowerPizza case is handmade in London using real corrugated cardboard italian-style pizza boxes. As for the protection part, the laptop is held in place by red velcro straps and the interior is fully lined with 10mm protective foam.

The 14" PowerPizza will set you back about two real large pies... or about $26. Some assembly is required.

- 14" PowerPizza
- ...more silly stuff from human beans


Ultimate Ears UE 5c

January 17, 2005 No Comments
I was looking for some new in-ear headphones this weekend and stumbled across a company called Ultimate Ears. They are the inventors of those hearing aid looking contraptions that sometimes fall out of the artists ears when they are dancing and singing live on TV. Upon further investigation, I found out that Ultimate Ears is well known in the professional world. This IS the ultimate in-ear stage monitor, because they wouldn't be the "ultimate" is they didn't have that VERY impressive client list (see link below).

Most of their lines are tailored for the celebrity performer, but they recently released the "affordable" UE-5c, which was specifically made to complement an iPod or other portable devices. These in-ear headphones aren’t your typical earphones, each set is custom fabricated for you ears. In order for you to get a pair of these beauties, you need to schedule an appointment with your local hearing-aid center and have them make impressions of your inner-ear. Then, you send those off to Ultimate Ears and they create a set of UE-5c’s for you (and only you). If you wear headphones often, like 5+ hours a day, or can’t find a pair of earphones that fit your ears perfectly, then you need to get a pair custom made… no exceptions. Just be prepared for the $550 price tag, which is “a small price to pay for living like a rock star”.

-- Dual Driver: Single Hi/Single Low (Balanced Armatures)
-- Passive Crossover
-- Sensitivity: 119db @ 1mw (+ or -3db)
-- Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 16k
-- Impedance: 21 ohms
-- 1/8” Mini connector
-- Full hard material for durability
-- Replaceable cables in clear, beige, brown or black. 46” or 64” lengths available.

- The Impressive Client List
- Ultimate Ears UE-5c


Dooney & Bourke Leather iPod Case

September 24, 2004 No Comments
If you are looking for a classy iPod case then you need to check this one out... Dooney & Bourke has created a "buttery smooth Italian calfskin to swathe your iPod in sleek style" (couldn't have said it better myself). It comes in Mocha, Wine and Ebony (pictured) and is available for the iPod ($59) and iPod Mini ($49).

- Available @ Herrington

Low-cost Thermal CD/DVD Printer

August 3, 2004 No Comments
Primera Technology has released a low-cost thermal CD/DVD printer which prints directly on CDs and DVDs, has an USB interface, and can print text and graphics. The Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer prints onto the surface of your discs with a tough, waterproof, thermal transfer ink (ribbons are available in black or several other optional colors). This is a handy printer great for labeling your backups or home movies and at $139, it's the only economical choice I've see so far.

Pimp Out Your Treo 600 Smartphone

August 3, 2004 8 Comments

Before I get to the product, why do people feel the need to personalize, or "Pimp Out" their rides? There are numerous television shows that focus on this very topic... MTV's "Pimp my ride", Discover Channel's "RIDES", and TLC's "Overhaulin" to name a few. My thinking behind this is, get a car that looks great stock, like a DB9. Well, for those of you that feel the need to personalize your Treo 600, palmOne today introduced the palmOne persona line of high-quality, fashionable and unique accessories. These leather cases were designed by Vaja (never heard of them, am I not down with style?) exclusively for palmOne and retail for about $109, a bit over priced for a case. Are Treo users going to really hold onto their phone for that long to justify a $109 case? I usually upgrade my phone every year... or is the Treo 600 the perfect phone?

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

June 7, 2004 No Comments
Think Outside, has announced the availability of its Stowaway Universal Bluetooth portable keyboard which is touted as the world's first portable Bluetooth keyboard, with support for Pocket PC and Symbian-based smart phones and PDAs. The Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard supports a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled smart phones from leading companies, including Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Orange, O2, Panasonic, Sendo, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. The keyboard also supports Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC PDAs from HP, Dell and others, as well as traditional Macintosh and Windows XP-based desktop and notebook computers with integrated Bluetooth technology. The keyboard will be available in English, simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish language versions. Shipping in mid-June, you can order one directly from Think Outside for $150.